F5 Big-IP VE Setup

Here is how I set up a F5 Big-IP on my QNAP TS-251 NAS using Virtualization Station.
Setup the VM on the NAS:
  1. Download the BIGIP- from F5
  2. Upload image to NAS
  3. Import VM with 2 CPU and 4096Mb ram
Configure management IP using the CLI wizard:
  1. Console in and enter config
  2. Set up management ip
Log into the web interface and run setup wizard:
  1. Log in to web interface using https://<management_IP_address>
  2. Install license
  3. Provision with LTM only
  4. Change Admin and Root passwords
  5. Select Finished to exit the wizard
  6. Go to System —> Configuration —> Device —> NTP and add a NTP server
  7. Go to DNS and add the DNS servers and search domain
  8. Go to Network —> VLANs
  9. Create internal with 1.1 and untagged
  10. Check Interface 1.1 is now UP
  11. Create Self IP with internal VLAN, port lockdown as Allow Default and local-traffic-group-only
    1. CLI – create net self vlan internal traffic-group traffic-group-local-only allow-service default
Install Hotfix:
  1. Go to System —> Software Management —> Hotfix List —> Import and select the hot fix and import
  2. Go to Image List and import the base image
  3. Log into the console
  4. Type tmsh and then vgdisplay
  5. show /sys software
  6. install /sys software <image|hotfix> <ISO> create-volume volume <HDx.y>
  7. show /sys software
  8. Log bac into the web GUI and go to System —> Software Management —> Boot Locations
  9. Select the new volume with the hot fix applied
  10. Next to Install Configuration select Yes and make sure the current volume is selected next to Source Volume
  11. Click Activate
Setting up a Virtual Server:
  1. Go to Local Traffic —> Virtual Servers —> Pools and create a pool with the ip, and port of the actual server and add a HTTP or HTTPS health monitor
  2. Go to nodes and edit the node that was created to add a ICMP health monitor
  3. Go to Virtual servers and add a virtual server with a new IP, port, select the pool and set Source Address Translation to AutoMap
  4. Test the new virtual server


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